Parents & Committee

If you haven't been involved in Scouting, you may think that the whole organization is the Scoutmaster and the youth members. The truth is, the success of the troop depends on a lot of adult volunteers who
 work behind the scenes to make it all happen. The troop committee is like a steering committee—volunteers who actually handle the business end of running the troop.  From the Scoutmaster Handbook: “The most important responsibility of a troop committee is recruiting qualified adult leaders for the troop. The Scoutmaster should be able to turn to the committee at any time for assistance, support, and encouragement."

Below is a list of committee positions:

Committee Chair A parent responsible for organizing the Committee and providing resources to support the Scoutmaster in delivery of the program.

 A parent responsible for establishing a budget for the Troop, managing the Troop's cash flow and banking, collecting dues, making payments for camps and other expenses, issuing reimbursement for expenses and outings, collecting outing payments from each PTO and regulary reporting financial position, budget and any financial issues to the Committee.

Membership Chair A parent responsible for establishing a recruiting plan, including goals for membership, with the committee. This person coordinates relationships with target Cub Scout Packs, prepares information packages for prospective members, coordinates Webelo's visits, etc. Membership chair is also responsible for ensuring that the website properly reflects recruiting events for the Troop.

Advancement Chair / Eagle Coach - A parent responsible for keeping all records on advancements and merit badges up to date using Scout program. Also coaches scouts in activities that lead to advancement towards their Eagle rank.

Court of Honor Chair - A parent responsible for organizing the Courts of Honor including date, location, program, and refreshments. Also coordinates Eagle advancement awards: Capitol Flag, plaque.

Board of Review Chair - Chair schedules all Board of Reviews for rank advancement and trains the adults who sit in on the BOR. 

Document Chair
- A parent responsible to distribute, collect and maintain current troop documents including medical forms, new scout applications, adult leadership applications, etc.

Community Service Chair
- A parent responsible for setting up 3 community services events per year with non-profit organizations. This involves contacting the organization, selecting a date and time, coordinating the permission slips, drivers and scouts and attending the event.

Merit Badge Chair - A parent responsible for making sure we have parents signed up and trained to be merit badge counselors. If any Eagle required merit badge counselors are needed, will reach out to other parents.  Also collects all forms from these parents and helps out if needed with meetings with scouts.

Friends of Scouting (FOS) Coordinator A parent who manages the Council's "Friends-of-Scouting" campaign in the troop including the presentation to the Troop membership and receiving and tabulating the donations.

Fundraising Chair A parent responsible for overseeing all of the fundraising of the troop. Namely, organizing and being the key point of contact for the Fundraiser: Parking at the Walnut Creek Art and Wine Festival the first weekend of June. Can find other fundraising opportunities for the scouts and share information with the Troop.