Scouting 101

As a parent of a new scout who has either bridged from a Cub Scout troop or is new to scouting in general, we hope the information provided on this page can help you get your footing and bearings. If you don't find one of your questions answered on this or other pages, please contact one of the adult leaders for answers and let the webmaster know so your questions and answers can be added to our site.

What's a Troop? What's a Patrol?
If you've just bridged from the cub scout ranks, you are familiar with the Pack / Den concept. Boy Scouts "pack" is called the Troop. The troop is a collection of Patrols. Patrols start as age oriented groups and move towards leadership groups as they grow older in the program. A patrol generally bridges/joins at the same time (usually in the spring). They are assigned an older scout leader as their Patrol Leader. An adult leader called an Assistant ScoutMaster is also assigned to a troop to support the Older Scout and assist in leadership and mentoring.

Uniform - What's Class A, B, C???

Class A - the Official BSA uniform (see your scout manual section on Uniforms). It is worn at all of the troop meetings and for special occasions, such as the Court of Honor. At the Court of Honor, a shash can also be worn that has all of the merit badges that a scout has attained. 

Class B - a Boy Scout themed t-shirt. The Class B uniform is worn on outings when announced. The boy-scout themed t-shirts are given to scouts as part of their summer camp dues. They can also purchase t-shirts at the Scout Store.

Class C - the official name for casual dress. The scout can wear whatever they like.

For information on where to place insignia's on uniform, consult the BSA uniform website.

Scout Store: 800 Ellinwood Way; Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 (click here for information)

What Equipment Does My Scout Need?
Troop 810 likes to enjoy the outdoors with many hiking and camping experiences. The "Ten Essentials" (in the scout handbook) are all that your Scout really needs for the first few campouts. Other handy items needed for summer camp include a head lamp, mess kit (with cup, plate, utensils).