Photo Gallery - Public

Troop 810's goal is to offer 1-2 outings per month during the school year and at least one week-long sleep-away summer camp. Here is a collection of photos through the years that will give you a taste of the ways we enjoy ourselves.

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Tree top obstacle course

 Pioneers Honor Society
 Yosemite Valley
Emerald Bay Rugged Scuba
 Camp Staff Picture
 shooting 22s
Campfire on the beach
Tomales Bay Kayaking
Point Reyes 2019
 Tamales Bay Kayaking
 Hike and Camp 2019
Archery 2019
 checking out the sunset from Mt. Diablo
 Ano Nuevo State Park


Sugar Pine 2016
Memorial Day Setup 2017
 Return from Emerald Bay Scuba
 Snow Camping Tahoe 2016