Every rank in scouting is reached by accomplishments by the scout. These requirements are age-appropriate activities that help grow and mold the boy into a self-sufficient, confident, able man. Themes run through the requirements from the beginning with the Cub Scout Tiger to the Eagle. For instance, when a Wolf Cubscout cooks cookies with his mother, that begins to train him to cook for his patrol as a Life scout. And, when a Tiger Cub visits a police station he begins learning how to be a model citizen.

Many scouts and adult leaders are so busy planning and participating in their present program that they don't notice the whole boy scout trail. That is actually fine because the entire trail is laid out and they should be concentrating on the activities at hand. The potential problem is when a leader does not see the value in an activity and decides to reduce the requirements - that cheats the scout later down the trail.

Use these pages to learn the rank requirements for each scouting advancement. Rather than just listing the requirements, we've added helpful ways to meet the requirements for every rank - things we've enjoyed doing that worked for us and others. 

Scout Requirements
Tenderfoot Scout Requirements
2nd Class Scout Requirements
1st Class Scout Requirements
Star Scout Requirements
Life Scout Requirements
Eagle Scout Requirements

Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review

  • What is a Scoutmaster Conference?
    A Scoutmaster conference is a meeting with a SPL, ASPL, SM, or ASM to review the completion of requirements to advance to the next rank in scouting. The scout should contact one of the above and ask for a meeting to take place during a troop meeting. The leader will sign off all completed requirements.

  • What is a Board of Review? When do I need one?
    First, make sure all of your rank requirements have been completed. For Second class and below, an SPL or ASPL can sign for requirements. Ranks First class and above must have a SM or ASM signature.
Click here to learn about the Board of Review (BOR). 
  • How do I schedule one?
The BOR generally happens during the two troop meetings leading up to a Court of Honor. The scout must contact the Board of Review chair (information on TeamSnap) The scout must contact this person by PHONE to schedule a Review. If you don't have access to TeamSnap, click on Request Access to get access to the member-only information.
  • What type of questions do they ask?
Click here to learn about the questions they might ask for each rank advancement.