Advancement Binder

Troop 810 provides each of its scouts with an Advancement Binder when they join our troop. The Advancement Binder is an important tool that your scout will add to as they follow the path through from Scout to Eagle. Everything that a scout participates in should be documented in some way in the binder. Years from now, your scout may be asked questions during their Board of Reviews or Scoutmaster Conferences to recall what they did on any number of activities he participated in. If the information is documented in your scout's binder, it will help jog his memory to answer these questions.

There are several main sections to the binder.

Rank Advancement / Card Holder Pages

These 9-pocket card holder pages are designed for adding the Merit Badge and Rank Advancement cards that your scout receives at the Court of Honor ceremonies. 

Rank Advancements -
The rank advancement comes with a patch that is glued or sewn onto the Scout's Uniform. As the Scout moves up in rank, you can remove the old patches and add them to the Rank Advancment Card.

Completed Merit Badges - The completed merit badge certificates can be added to these card holders.

Partial Merit Badge Blue Cards - If a scout is in the process of completing a merit badge, he may be in possession of a BLUE CARD. The Card is in fact BLUE and has a list of requirements. Some are signed off, some not, if they are in the process of completing the Merit Badge. If your scout doesn't have a blue card, it may be in the possession of the Scoutmaster. Blue cards are regularly complete at summer camps. They are all given to the Scoutmaster at the end of the week.

There might be other documents / information you add to this section. Interview notes, emails sent to Scoutmasters regarding completed requirements, leadership certificates, photos of your scout completing rank advancements, etc. 

Activities -
The Activities section is designed to store all the information about trips and outings your scout has participated in. When an activity is offered, you complete an Activity Registration form and give it to the Activity Leader. The top section of this form should be cut off and saved by your scout in the binder.

We suggest that you attach this activity sheet to a blank or lined piece of paper. When the activity is completed, have your scout jot down some notes about what they did and saw. What food they ate, who did the cooking, who were the leaders, was the scout a leader, favorite moments, etc. This information can be helpful reminders when they are asked about the outing or activity at a Board of Review.
Merit Badges -
All of the notes, workbooks, camp schedule sheets, pictures, etc on any merit badges completed by your scout should be kept in this section. You may want to use extra page protectors to keep important trinkets too.
Patrols -
This is a reference page for your scout's participation within his patrol. They can keep information about their Patrol Meetings, the patrol structure for the troop, contact information, Merit badges being worked on by the patrol, etc.
Service - 
All volunteer service hours should be kept in the Service section. Many rank advancements require Scout volunteer hours (hours organized by an ASM or other parent leader) and outside volunteer hours which are volunteer hours done outside of scouts. 
T810 -
This section should have the latest and greatest membership directory, SM and ASM contact information, Committee positions and contact info, etc.
Resources - Anything extra that you feel could help your scout at some point in their scouting career can be put here. 

We suggest that from time to time you photocopy their advancement signoffs in their Scout Handbook. If a scout loses his handbook and he doesn't have a copy of the signoff information, he may be forced to redo what he lost before obtaining an Eagle rank.